How to get my dog to come when I call

Why will my Dog not come when I call?

When it comes to dog training tips, the complaint of your dog not coming when called is common.

Dog training reagrding recall, can be quite funny, because we most often much of it completely wrong! Alow me to explain.

So we want to have this; call “come rover” and he comes running over to great us happily.

Now, in order to achieve this we must make “here Bella” the best command in the world. With the best result and rewards at the end!

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So here are some dog training tips!
•Never call your dog if you are thinking of telling her off! You can undo months and months of hard work training your dog to come by telling her off just once. Suddenly coming when you call could be a really bed move!
•9 times out of 10 make sure that your dog has a good experience when she comes if you call you. On the 10th recall if you need to put your dog on a leash then do so.
•When you call your dog to you think of coming as more of a “check in with me” than a “I am calling you to stop what you are doing”.
•Use a long line to keep control of your dog if you are unsure. A long line is a piece of line or rope that can be as long as you like that lies on the ground but you keep within reach!
•If your dog hates returning to the car then reward your dog back at the car with water and a small feed and things will soon turn around!

The basic formula to any good recall training is:
1.CALL your dog to you, then
2.REWARD your dog within 2 seconds and then immediately
3.RELEASE your dog.

In order to make your dog enjoy the experience you should learn the power of using affection and attention by withholding it and only giving it as a reward. This is one of the most powerful tools available to us and yet we get it all so wrong by giving the dog attention whenever they want and wondering why they don’t come when we call them!

All of the above are demonstrated live on video as well as how to establish yourself as the pack leader on The Online Dog Trainer.

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